Woman divides opinion by leaving trap for eight-year-old who steals her post

A woman has sparked a debate after hatching a plan to get revenge on a young child who was stealing her post.

She explains that she lives opposite a primary school but was recently alerted by her home security cameras that when the pupils are let out of class at the end of the day, she gets a little visitor.

The cameras send her videos of a child, who she said appears to be about eight-years-old, looking through the mailbox of her home and sometimes taking the contents inside while she is at work.

She added that the child is always accompanied by an adult “who is not doing anything to stop this behaviour”, and that her neighbours have also had post go missing.

Deciding it was time to take action, she printed off screenshots of the child taking her letters, and sealed them in an envelop along with a note saying that the police were following them and will take them to prison if they keep stealing the post.

She added a stamp for authenticity and placed it in her mailbox before watching on her security cameras as the child came and removed the letter the very same day.

Ten minutes later, her phone alerted her that the child’s mum was angrily banging on her front door.

She said: “I answer it remotely, and basically tell her that if she can’t control her kid, then she can’t get p***ed off when other people take things into their own hands.

“She was very unhappy, and the kid was howling in the background distressed that they were going to jail.

“The mother demanded I tell the kid that the police won’t be coming for them, but I told her that maybe it was time for her to step up as a parent and explain why this is happening.

“I finished off with a warning that if she dares to try anything, I have a clear image of her face and I have security cameras EVERYWHERE.”

After she hung up, a colleague who overheard the conversation asked what had been happening and was “quite disapproving” of her stunt, saying “kids are hard to control so of course they do cr*p like this”.

The woman says she has now been left feeling torn over whether she took it too far, saying she’s not a parents so has no idea about the challenges that come with it.

However, other users on Reddit disagreed with the colleague, reminding her that stealing post is illegal.

One wrote: “Kids are certainly not that hard to control. Stealing mail is a crime I’m shocked the parent let it go on for this long.”

A second said: “Instead of being outraged, the mom should be excruciatingly embarrassed.”

And another added: “I really think the mum is enabling this behaviour because she hopes one day the child ‘innocently’ happens upon something valuable for her to pawn or use.”