Young Techie Recreates iOS 4 on SwiftUI, Receives Massive Praise From Apple Users Online

Apple recently unveiled its next generation operation system for the iPhone – the iOS 15. At a time when Apple has showed off iOS 15, a young tech enthusiast has recreated iOS 4 as an app that is a fully functional rebuild of iOS 4 and can even be used as a secondary OS. The 18-year-old tech enthusiast named Zane (@zzanehip) posted his creation on Twitter on Wednesday, June 9. Zane said that iOS 4 has been “beautifully rebuilt” on SwiftUI. Zane, in a response to a Twitter user’s appreciation even said that he has done this to demonstrate the power on SwiftUI. Zane said that his creation was designed to be as close to pixel-perfect as possible and that it is fully open source for all to learn, modify, and build on.

The app also includes the legendary iPhone home button, that appears on the screen and uses touch vibration to give a feeling of a real physical button. Zane’s tweet naturally garnered a lot of attention on Twitter, as it gave people a sense of nostalgia. People also praised Zane’s effort and said that the app showed great vision and dedication. The iOS 4 UI is comeplete with the “slide to unlock” bar. The UI also features iOS icon for apps, dial pad, maps, and images. Users took to Twitter to share how good the iOS 4 rebuild looks, especially on the new flat-edged iPhone 12 series devices.

A slew of people came ahead to appreciate the clean job the youngster has done. Some people also tried on the app and posted videos on Twitter. The app designed by Zane looks very high quality and does give a sense of the actual iOS screen unlock, judging from the videos shared by users online.

Apple recently unveiled iOS 15 during its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2021. The new iPhone operating system comes with improvements to FaceTime and iMessages. There are also new privacy-related features, and other new features and improvements. iOS 15 will launch for iPhone 6s and later smartphones later this year.