Dad-to-be sparks debate as he gives son same name as ex’s late child

A man has revealed how his ex-girlfriend was left furious when she discovered what he was naming his baby.

In an anonymous post on Reddit, the man explained that he and his ex-girlfriend of two years split after he supposedly discovered that she was “seeing other guys” behind his back.

Shortly after, she fell pregnant, “but obviously there were doubts if I’m the father,” he said.

But he said he “refused” to be involved unless he knew the baby was his – but they never got confirmation.

He continued: “It was a stillbirth unfortunately and never got to know who the poor boy’s father was.

“The thing is she named the baby after me, that was something I wasn’t comfortable with since we still didn’t know if he was mine or not. But I tried to understand she was grieving a baby, and myself too sort of in a way.”

He has since moved on with his fiancée and will be soon welcoming a baby boy, who the couple decided they want to be a “Jr.”

However, when his ex found out through some mutual friends, “she was p***ed that I would even think about naming my child this when that’s ‘our’ son’s name,” even though he says they’re not in each other’s lives and haven’t spoken for years.

“First off I told her we never got that confirmation so stop saying he was my son. Also, this is the name we decided to give our child and not going to change it,” he went on.

But his family thought that he was really “insensitive” with how he spoke to her, “because she lost a child and it’s likely not easy seeing me start a family with someone else, while also giving them the name of her dead baby.”

He asked Reddit users whether he and his fiancée were wrong for not wanting to change their son’s name for his ex, but the majority of people were on his side.

Whilst a few people said it wasn’t fair of her to name the baby after him when she wasn’t sure whether he was the dad anyway, others said it shouldn’t be an issue since she isn’t involved in his life anymore.

One person said: “If this ex isn’t actively involved in your life, I see no issues. If she is, you are reminding her every day of her loss. It depends on your relationship with the ex.”

Another wrote: “I am sorry she had a stillbirth, it must have been very traumatic. She named the baby after you without your input or any verification regarding the baby’s paternity. You’ve moved on with your lives. Why your mutual friends need to keep her updated on your life is beyond me, either they just do or answer her questions.

“Your relationship with her is over, it was over before the stillbirth of her child. While she may consider naming your firstborn after you selfish or insensitive, I don’t think it should stop you. Apart from a few mutual friends, you live completely separate lives and have no contact with each other. You and your partner have picked out your baby’s name, it’s no one else’s business but the two of you.”

Whilst a third put: “Your ex doesn’t get to dictate how you name your children with your fiancée.”