Lovestruck mum seeking Plenty of Fish match who she ‘can’t find on social media’

A romantic mum is trying to find her potential soulmate — a mystery Irishman.

Like many of us, Carol Marriott, 30, has turned to dating websites in order to find her perfect suitor.

She was on Plenty of Fish when she met ‘Jay’ and sparks flew between the pair – but Carol is now appealing for information, after failing to find him on social media.

Carol says she’s pretty cautious on the sites, thanks to previously being burned by dodgy frauds, but the Dublin man caught her attention.

Mystery man Jay contacted Carol, who is from Birmingham, despite living across the sea and the pair struck up a connection.

The mum says she was looking for someone closer to home, but he won her over thanks to his witty charm.

After initially engaging in interesting conversations, the duo reportedly fell for each other pretty quickly.

But a few red flags have arisen – as Jay can’t be found on social media.

Not only has he been reluctant to tell Carol about himself, despite claiming to be keen to meet up, but his age on his dating profile also jumped up from 30 to 32 years old.

“He’s adamant he wants to meet me but he won’t tell me anything about himself,” Carol said.

The mum became increasingly concerned about the visit and she fears that Jay may not be who he has claimed to be.

Desperate to learn the truth about who she has been talking to online, the mum is now appealing to find Jay.

As she has been duped in the past, finding out what is going on here is important to her.

Now, Carol is determined to find out the truth in order to quash her fears and move forward with their relationship.