Chef shares the right way to cook an onion and it will blow your mind’

A chef has gone viral after showing social media users the right way to chop an onion.

The food staple is used as the base of many dishes and Poppy O’Toole who is also known as Poppy Cooks on TikTok shot to social stardom after she began sharing cooking tips online when she was made redundant due to the pandemic.

In the video which now has over 7.5 million views, Poppy tells viewers that learning how to cut an onion is the first thing that budding cooks learn when training to become a chef.

The Michelin-trained chef protects the root of the onion, peels it and uses a series of different cuts and slices to achieve a finely chopped version of the vegetable.

On the viral video, Poppy said: “It’s strange because I didn’t expect the onion one to do as well as it did. I recorded it for another recipe, and then put this out as an extra bit of content.

“It’s a lovely feeling that people are taking stuff away from my videos. I’m really proud of what I’m doing and I love being able to teach people across the world – there’s a real sense of pride. I got some stick for it, but who doesn’t?”

Another tip Poppy has for budding cooks is a time-saving hack for cutting garlic.

The chef said: “I’d recommend using a jar for cutting garlic. You put the cloves in there and shake it quite vigorously and then they all come out peeled.”

Poppy is set to release her new recipe book called The Food You Need in October and the book is set to feature more tips for readers to try as well as lots of recipes featuring potatoes.

Poppy said: “I love potatoes. They are my muse and vice. I’d say 75% of my recipes feature them, maybe even more. There’s no end as to what you can do with them.

“I’m going to have to start wearing a sack and call myself potato lady. I’m obsessed with Spudnuts, which is a doughnut made from mashed potato. They are available in America but not here so I need to make them a thing. I need a spud nut store.”

With 1.5 million TikTok followers and 120K on Instagram, Poppy is known on social media as one of many new chefs who are owning the social space.

On her career choice. Poppy said: “I loved eating and I knew from a young age that the way to get more food was by helping in the kitchen. For me now it’s not even the cooking, it’s seeing the joy that something you’ve made can give someone.”

Tiktok keeps Poppy busy and her daily routine fits around her work.

Poppy talked about her daily routine and said: “I set an alarm for 8am as I have to try to keep a bit of structure.

“If it was up to me I’d probably stay in bed until 1pm and not do anything. I take the dogs for a walk, I go through emails and then I scroll TikTok for an hour or two to see the trends.

“I’m obsessed with food TikTok – it’s a whole beautiful world that you can really get sucked into.

“From around 10-7, I’m just cooking in the kitchen. It’s busier than you would expect, but I am used to working 70 hours per week. The testing takes a lot of time as I want to make sure everything is perfect when I put it out there.”

When asked what it was like creating the Amex Gold Card #ARTFEAST hampers that are available for customers on Deliveroo, she said: “Pip & Pop did the art for the hamper and that was the inspiration behind the menu. The colours, textures and shapes made my mind come alive with ideas.

“We have so much in there including ‘worth their weight in gold spud nuts, 24k gold macarons as well as apple marshmallows which all have some gold on them. I had even more but I couldn’t physically get it all in the box! It means so much to me to think about people enjoying them.”